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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Outdoor Experiences for Youth

July 2011

I've spent the past few days on the opposite coast of Canada, in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. This province has it's fair share of provincial and national parks that we've been exploring.

Gorgeous, they are. But I must say, nothing beats the forests, lakes and rivers of Metro Vancouver. Capilano River, Burnaby Lake, Pacific Spirit, Tynehead. I often take for granted how amazing these parks are; but really, they can't be beat.

Here's what some of our leadership team have said about their "magical moments" with CTS!:

"One magic time I've had with this group is when we were all at the UBC ropes course being awesome."


"Being blown away by the perception and kindness of this group"

"We shared and traded berries as a welcome gift at the Pacific Spirit in-park. We talked about how we appreciated each other!"


"The feeling of belonging to something absolutely amazing."

Burnaby was a lucky city on May 28th. Tucked away behind the BCIT parking lot, a place that on any average day you might cycle past without thinking twice, something magical took place.

It was a Festival of Spirits. This was a day of magic for all people of all interests. Participants were able to learn how to navigate their way across the globe using a GPS device. I heard tales of cultural exchanges from right here in Vancouver to lands as far away as Kenya, Germany, and Russia.

Well hello there dearest CTS participants, parents, Peer Leaders, Supervisors, and all the lovely folk in the etcetera column!

This is the A-Team here, just sending our regards, introducing ourselves, and getting you up to speed about what we've been up to these past couple of weeks.


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