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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Outdoor Experiences for Youth

August 2011

Well, if the size of the veggies in our veggie garden are any indicator, summer is here and in full swing! I just pulled my first radish from the beautiful CTS Community Garden earlier this week - it was the size of a globe! Ok, a small globe, but a globe none in the less. And those peas 'n beans - they're multiplying like rabbits, too many for their poor stocks to hold up. Looks like we better keep pickin'!..and just in time for our season end BBQ no doubt (we do hope you're coming!).

Well, that’s a wrap. The final CtS weekend of the summer is in the books, and I’m  filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Well what an amazing weekend we had! I have to say that if this camp had a moral it would be not to overbook the camp. Starting off on Canada day we planned to set up, get to know one another then walk down to see the fireworks. Well the beginning started off great with a couple getting to know you games and the fruit name game which was really great for people (like me) who have trouble remembering names.


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