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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Outdoor Experiences for Youth

July 2012

Hey guys! It’s Kat and Nat here, your CTS duo! Things are heatin up this summer with lots of sunshine now (Finally!) and CTS camps are going spectacularly well! From canoeing at Burnaby lake to Sardines and Camouflage at Pacific Spirit, it sounds like campers are having a blast! Here in the office things are a little nutty! Kat and Nat make about 80 phone calls a week to keep in touch with you all, and we LOVE it! It’s great getting to know all the participants and their parents, and we can’t wait to put some faces to the names at the end of summer BBQ in August!

On Sunday morning, each of us at Burnaby Lake took five minutes in silence to reflect on what we gained from Saturday’s Ubuntu Day and stewardship project. Afterwards, we wrote down our thoughts anonymously on slips of paper to be shared from a hat. Here is a selection of our responses:


“Ubuntu taught me the spirit of friendship and togetherness – no matter where we live. Creating a global community to help save our planet!”

“I learned that just because we come from different places doesn’t make us any better.”


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