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Dr. M. Wosk Environmental Leadership Award

Hey CTSer's 

Here is an opportunity to apply for an Environmental leadership Award - application now being accepted for the Dr. M. Wosk Environmental Leadership Award. 

The Dr. M. Wosk Environmental Leadership Award was established by the Pacific Parklands Foundation for the development of youth leadership in 2006. The leadership fund is used to engage, train and empower today’s youth with the skills necessary for the future sustainability of our spectacular city and regional parks.

Participants will have training in ecological issues and environmental preservation as well as the organizational and communication skills necessary to make a profound difference. The impact of their work will be felt by all as they grow to become the leaders of the future.

“With one inspired leader there is the potential of attracting a thousand or more participants. Without those exceptional leaders, thousands of people may never get involved.” – Dr. Mordehai Wosk

The Dr. M. Wosk awards are open to students and individuals in the Metro Vancouver regional parks area. The value of each award ranges from $250 to $1,000 annually.

All applications and nominations are reviewed by the Foundation’s Environmental Leadership Selection Committee and they determine the number of recipients and the value of each of the awards presented annually.

Check this out for more information and to apply:


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