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Welcome to the CTS Blog

Welcome to your blog.  This is a space where you can learn about upcoming events, connect with the CTS leadership council, and share your ideas about what CTS means to you.  There’s a place for you to add your comments about our programs, and a calendar of upcoming events.  Peer leaders from each of our camps will be able to post here and share what’s important to them.  Interested in contributing?  Speak to a peer leader, your youth leadership council, or simply email your thoughts to

This is your space.  It should become what you want it to be.  But here are a few ideas about topics you might write about, just to get you started:

Your CTS story.  Everyone has a unique CTS experience.  Share yours.  Comment on the experience of others.
Your community.  Share your ideas about how to make a positive change.  Is there an event you think CTS youth should know about?  a great way to get together and have fun while doing something good?  Together, you and your CTS peers can make a difference.
Your comments.  CTS is your program.  Make it what you want it to be. Share with other CTS youth your ideas about what is great, and how you can work together to make it better.

Write your thoughts or give us a  link to a video you’ve posted to YouTube.  This is YOUR space.  We know you will make it into something special



Amazing what can be accomplished with good food, fun games, team work and an Awesome Leadership Team!   Here is what some of our PL's had to say about the experience:

"My favourite part of Bootcamp is the welcoming environment that I’ve never found at other camps or places.  At home I like to go sit at parks or nature places to think and CTS has that.  There are also people who want you to succeed in finding happiness with the environment.  It is an nonjudgmental community where I can feel safe."


We missed a lot of you at UBC high ropes the other week, it was tons of fun.

Right now we’re gearing up for this weekend’s Bootcamp, and we’re excited to spend the weekend getting to know you!

Where are you PL's? 
Your 2016 Mentorvisors are eager to meet you!
Reminder - Leadership Boot Camp at Capilano this weekend. This is an important and fun filled overnight training - please let us know if your coming (every PL should try to be there for all or part of this training!) so we can plan accordingly. Remember - you need to complete a CTS registration so we have all 2016 PL's in our registration system. If you have not registered - do it today!...

The Stanley Park Ecology Society is currently recruiting volunteers for our summer Eco Ranger program.  Eco Rangers work as nature interpreters, roving through the Park answering all sorts of questions and engaging visitors in conversation about local ecology and cultural history. This is a great chance to gain valuable work experience, skills, and knowledge in ecology and public outreach. Training sessions will be on 3 Saturdays and 2 Wednesday evenings throughout June.

Exploring Leadership - CTS Peer Leader Training

Peer Leaders - Who Inspires You as a Leader! Ready to Explore and Challenge Your Leadership! 

Join the CTS Mentorvisors for a day of fun, team building and exploring leadership qualities and skills.  Snack and lunch will be provided. 

Date: Saturday May 14, 2016 from 9AM to 3 PM

Where:  CTS Office, Picken House 6825 Cariboo Road, Burnaby BC V3N 4A3


Ready to meet new friends, make lasting contributions to your community, build outdoor skills, learn to lead and have fun!!!

Registration now open for CTS Programs - this summer at 4 locations: Pacific Spirit, Burnaby Lake, Tynehead Regional Parks and Yes - its back for 2016 season Capilano River Regional Park!  Register today - spots are going quickly! 





Sorry, there are no events scheduled at this time.


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